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Interested in Becoming a Datasym Dealer?

Datasym POS works with an active dealer network of over one hundred vendors and resellers across North America.

We offer a versatile and capable product line that excels in small to mid-size retail, quick serve food service, and speciality retail & boutique stores; with a focus on ethernet communication and reporting across multiple terminals and multiple store locations for small to medium sized chain stores. The high level of security available in our POS systems has also proven popular for organizations where security is a primary concern, such as government institutions and correctional facilities.

Datasym offers an online training program and North American based phone support to help new vendors familiarize themselves with our product line.

If you are interested in adding hardware and software from Datasym POS to your product line, or for more information, please contact us at, or by phone at 1-877-472-9802. 

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