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Datasym PRO for Android

Full featured POS software for mobile devices



Download APK.

Step 1

Download and install the DatasymPRO for Android APK from the link above.

You may need to enable "Allow installation from unknown sources" in the Settings menu of your Android device for the initial installation

Step 4

Contact Datasym POS with your licensing information to begin your free 30 day trial. 
By email at 
By phone at 877-972-9802 

Or by using the contact form.

Step 2

Open the DatasymPRO application. Once the default layout loads, you'll need to switch modes by pressing the REG button in the lower left hand corner.

Switch to PGM mode.

Step 5

License your software using the credentials provided by Datasym, and install one of our preconfigured templates to help get you started.

Step 3

Type in 410 ( ENTER to enter the Licensing screen, and record the version number and serial number at the top of the screen.

(Example:  V1.2      S/N: 1038275873640987)

Step 6

Begin using your POS software!

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